The garden restaurant 
in the Flora.

In the beginning, there was the Botanical Garden and the Flora. Our history begins in 2013. We sat on the terrace of the Flora and talked about what a catering establishment could look like here.

A coffee would be nice or a little cake, cold drinks and maybe something hearty. Good food: uncomplicated, tasty, healthy, fresh.
But how is that supposed to work? In a place that only allows a kitchen in the cellar. In a place that cannot offer indoor catering. Where others postulate "only jugs outside", we say: "everything outside only. Everything.” In wind and all weathers.

Is this a challenge we should face? One that is reasonable for our guests? Or is it rather a gastronomic adventure? Should we get involved? Can we offer something that will please our guests and put a happy smile on their faces? Something they would like. Something they would want to return to and tell others about.

If we weren't Kirberg Catering, we wouldn't have dared. If we weren't used to serving culinary highlights at very different locations under often adverse circumstances. So we were enchanted by this place and inspired by the idea of making something possible with our gastronomic experience, our creativity, our courage and our passion.

A nice recognition is that we have received two awards for our work. We are happy that others like what we do.

Great that it worked out. 
Great to have you here!

 Award Caterer des Jahres 2016Award der Gastfreundschaft 2019

The story behind...

Augusta, wife of the Prussian Emperor Wilhelm I, assumed patronage of the construction and preservation of the Botanical Garden in 1863. The self-confident, liberal-minded empress and queen had one thing particularly close to her heart: the Flora was to be open to all citizens, regardless of their origin.

What sounds so self-evident today was a courageous, determined expression of freedom and democracy in those days. We like that and it inspired us to name our garden restaurant: Dank Augusta. Because it's thanks to Augusta that we are here. Not far away in the Flora, there is a statue of her. Some people say that there is a little smile playing on her lips. We think Augusta would like it here...

Dank Augusta Team Terrassenleitung


You will find everything you need for your picnic at Dank Augusta in a delicious arrangement at our bar. And of course, we won't leave you alone at the bar: our friendly staff are  always there for you, providing advice, explanations and tips.

Are you a born host, a team player and can sell well? And do you always have a smile on your face? Then you are the right person for Dank Augusta, one of Cologne's most beautiful garden restaurants. And we should get to know each other!

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